Photography: Seeing in Colour – Landscape and Macro at the Japanese Gardens Campbelltown Arts Centre Saturday 19 August 2017

Photography: Seeing in Colour

Landscape and Macro 

Japanese Gardens Campbelltown Arts Centre
1 session of 5.5 hours
Saturday, 19 August 2017

In the magnificent Japanese Gardens within the Arts Centre Campbelltown, participants will learn correct camera setup, how to see in colour for both landscape and macro photography, how to interpret and see the light. You will learn previsualization, composition, macro and close up technique including depth of field, from a professional photography tutor, with 43 years experience in photography in a relaxed, but very informative manner. Participants will also receive in-depth tuition in camera set up; picture style/toning and filtration, usage of lens filters. The College has to book for the gardens so you must enrol no later than Monday 8 August. Access to gardens is subject to other venue hire on the day, participants will have a total of 4 hours photography within the gardens, plus a break and a post field trip debrief. Full details on website. Bring requirements listed on Confirmation/website. No concession.


How to interpret colour and light, how to expose and bracket your exposures.

Essentials of Landscape Photography; Previsualisation, composition, framing, thirds, negative space and depth of field, how to correctly install and use filters; both neutral density and polarizing as well as picture control settings.

Essentials of Macro / Close Up Photography; you will be shown how to set up your camera for macro /close up photography using your lens and or close up tubes and or close up filters and or your macro lens.

You will learn how to do handheld close up and macro photography, how to focus properly for both macro and close up photography.

Field trip debrief (last hour) the photography tutor will run a debrief, as well as an open chat session to anything relating to photography, equipment or theory, in the Cafe within the Arts Centre.
Note; any food / drinks / lunch expenses are incurred at the participants own cost, only food and drink purchased in the cafe can be consumed there).

Skill level
This Field trip is suitable for students who have a thorough working knowledge of their camera and controls, shutter and aperture settings and/or have completed a beginners and or intermediate photography/DSLR photography course or similar.


Camera Equipment for this field trip
Please note: * no tripods are allowed for this field trip for safety reasons.

Essential Materials; Any adjustable digital DSLR, 4/3rds, mirrorless with RAW /JPEG image capability, if possible adjustable iso / film speed settings and adjustable exposure settings; shutter, aperture and manual exposure ie S or TV, A or AV and M, and adjustable picture settings.

You will need a set of graduated neutral density filters; I.e. Cokin P250 graduated filter set or similar graduated screw in filters, and a circular polarizing filter.

A macro lens, a standard lens ie 35 mm or 50mm lens and or close up filter(s) and/or a set of close up tubes.

If you have other fixed or zoom lens(es) i.e. 20mm / 100mm / 16 – 35mm / 10 – 20 mm / 18 – 55mm / 18 – 135 mm etc please bring them along too.

The tutor will have one spare camera, a wide-angle zoom lens, a 50mm lens and 2 extension tubes all in the Canon EF mount that can be used and shared by the students for duration of the field trip (please bring an extra blank SD card if you need to use any of the tutor’s camera equipment).

Macro / Close Up Equipment note
Students if possible should either have a lens with close-up capability, and or a close up filter, and or a set of close up tubes and or a macro lens, any of these are strongly advised to enable detailed photos some of the extremely small flowers. Even if you do not have any of the additional equipment, this field trip is a great way to learn the techniques and secrets of creative macro and close-up photography.

Please note; an extra battery, and flash card are essential, as you will be your using your camera, and reviewing your photographs frequently, during this field trip.

Please note; as there are some uneven and loose surfaces within the gardens, to participate you must wear enclosed footwear only, no open footwear ie sandals can be worn for this field trip. For safety purposes acceptable footwear is as follows; walking shoes, running shoes, bush walking shoes or hiking boots, (weather-proof footwear is advisable).

Additional items / what to wear
Bring a weatherproof jacket, warm clothing jumpers etc, a mini umbrella. Please bring your own food and water, note pad and pen for this field trip.

This field trip will be held in wet weather as it can give students an opportunity to capture photographs that are not normally available in fine weather.

Field trip notes / links
Students will be emailed a complete Field trip outline, date, time locations, information and requirements, prior to commencement of the field trip. After the field trip students will be emailed links to filter tutorials, my wiki compilations and links to manufacturer and free legitimate software downloads.
Please note; Programs offered are legitimate, current and free open source software, of which you will also be able to download on your own home PC Windows / MAC.

Booking info
The College has to book and pay a fee for the gardens so you must enrol no later than Monday 8th August. Access to gardens is subject to other venue hire on the day, participants will have a total of 4 hours photography within the gardens, plus a break and a post field trip debrief.

Wheelchair access
This photography Field trip is being held within The Japanese Gardens, which is accessible via the Arts Centre Cafe, within the Campbelltown Arts Centre, which has wheelchair access and wheelchair access toilet facilities, most of the Japanese Gardens are accessible by wheelchair.

Meeting place
We will meet at 8.30 am in the at the front of the Campbelltown Arts Centre
my mobile phone number on the day is 0411 251 553 in case you need to find me.

Getting there
Please allow enough time to get there by car or by public transport

By Car
1 Art Gallery Rd, Campbelltown, entrance is near the corner of Oxley street and Art Gallery Road, Campbelltown and Old Menangle Road and Art Gallery Road, Campbelltown.

By public transport
Take a train to Campbelltown Railway Station, and then take an 885 bus, which stops within an easy walking distance to the Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Please note the Campbelltown Arts Centre is approximately a 25 minute walk from Campbelltown Railway Station, towards Art Gallery Rd.

By bus
Route 885
Phone Busabout for information on bus route to the Arts Centre
02 4631 4200.

Visit TransportNSW to plan your trip. Please check your transport options prior to the day and please check public transport info for track work or delays

Please note; parking fines / parking fees / transport to and from / coffee / drinks / breakfast / lunch /morning tea are not included in cost of field trip.




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